For Startups

Born out of a VC fund, we fully understand the strategic and financial needs of high growth companies.

We Go Way Beyond Bookkeeping

We’ve provided hundreds of early-stage companies a dedicated team of experienced accounting professionals who serve as their complete or supporting in-house finance department.

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Strategic Financial Modeling

We’ll work with you to develop and refine your financial model, define KPIs, understand unit economics and execute long-term strategic plans.

Fractional Accounting Team

Your Graphite team will be made up of experienced CFOs, Controllers, and Accountants who understand your business and work with you to develop accounting processes that fit your needs.

Tax & Compliance

Our team has significant Big Four and in-house corporate tax experience handling complex tax matters. We take pride in identifying credits that can be useful to your business.

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I’m an


and I’d like accounting support for my portfolio companies

A team of seasoned CFOs, accountants and entrepreneurs with a vast understanding of startup accounting

Regardless of your stage, funding or revenue, if you’re a business you have accounting needs. Our services touch all the key functions of a healthy, scalable accounting infrastructure.

From Strategic Projects to Your Entire Finance Team

Handling everything from bookkeeping to financial modeling to prepping you for board meetings.

We Specialize in High-Growth Startups

From our roots in VC, we offer our clients a perspective from both sides of the table. We understand the needs and nuances of high-growth startups.

Your Partner From Seed to Exit

We offer you critical management reporting, with the support and expertise to scale from 2 employees to 2,000.

Graphite was quite literally the best value add service I have received from any investor. I can’t recommend them enough.

— Rami Essaid, Founder, Distil Networks

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Strategic Finance

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Our Leadership

Paul Bianco
Founder, CEO

Former VC @ ff Venture Capital, CPA, Investor in Plated and Distil Networks

Rebecca Mun
Director, Finance & Operations

Cornell MBA, 10 yrs. Wall Street, Duff & Phelps, BNY Mellon

Donny Tyra
Director, Controller Services

Experienced CFO, 25+ years of accounting experience, CPA

Lisa Smith
Director, Strategic Finance

Former VP Finance @ Plated & Momofuku Milk Bar, Goldman Sachs

Lisa Capparelli
Director, Controller Services

Extensive controller experience, 20+ years experience, CPA

Didier Jupillat
Director, Controller Services

Wharton MBA, 15+ years accounting & finance experience

Robert Gregory
Director, Controller Services

Accomplished CFO & Controller, 35+ years experience

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With offices all across the country and clients worldwide, we cast a wide net.

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