Startup Accounting Services for Investor’s Portfolio Companies

We help make sure the companies you invest in are getting the support they need to succeed.

Give your founders a shoulder to lean on for finance

Graphite’s journey began as a value add offering within a venture fund. Since then, we’ve gone on to support the portfolio companies of a number of the top investors in the industry.

Allow Founders To Focus on Growth

We’ll work with your founders to develop and refine their financial models, define KPIs, understand their unit economics and execute long-term strategic plans.

Receive Proper and Accurate Financial Reports

We will help your portfolio companies provide you proper, accurate, and specific reporting at a regular cadence.

Increase The Success Rate of Your Investments

At the end of the day, founders who understand their numbers and the economics of their business have a higher chance of succeeding!

We have partnered with Graphite through our venture studio, working together on a significant percentage of our portfolio. The earlier our companies can onboard such a valuable partner for this critical business need, the better, and we are delighted to work with Graphite.

 — Oliver B. Libby, Managing Partner

What our partners say

John Frankel

Partner, ffVC

“We see Graphite as a significant de-risking tool for CEOs. Much of our portfolio has used Graphite for accounting, financial planning and analysis.”

Tom Ryan

Partner, Anthemis Group

“We’ve recommended Graphite to a number of our portfolio companies. Their accounting and finance support is attuned to the needs of early-stage, VC-backed companies, and that has really resonated with our Founders.”

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