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“Having a partner like Graphite, where you don’t have to think about the back-end accounting and can trust that it’s being done well and correctly, is really important for any early-stage startup.”

Jordan Nathan
CEO – Caraway Home

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Caraway Background

Caraway, a non-toxic cookware brand, was launched in 2019 by Jordan Nathan, the company’s CEO and Founder. With a small team and limited funding, Caraway sought assistance with finance and accounting to support their growth and expansion.


As a young startup, Caraway faced the challenge of building a robust finance and accounting function while simultaneously focusing on launching and scaling a CPG business. The company needed a partner who could provide expertise and support as they navigated the complexities of growing their product line, team, and sales channels.


After carefully evaluating several accounting firms in New York City, Caraway chose to partner with Graphite due to their collaborative approach. Graphite played a crucial role in developing Caraway’s finance and accounting function, providing guidance and support as the business expanded and became more complex.

Graphite’s founder, Paul Bianco, served as a valuable friend and mentor to Jordan, offering advice on fundraising and capitalizing the business, as well as modeling various scenarios. On the accounting side, Graphite assisted Caraway in selecting the right systems and establishing processes for accounts receivable, bill payment, and other essential functions, many of which are still in use today.


By partnering with Graphite, Caraway was able to focus on launching and growing their business without worrying about the intricacies of back-end CPG accounting. As an early-stage startup with limited resources, Caraway benefited from having a trusted partner to handle these critical tasks accurately and efficiently.

Jordan Nathan, CEO and Founder of Caraway, recommends Graphite as an excellent partner for businesses that lack the funds or desire to bring accounting and finance functions in-house. Graphite’s support allowed Caraway to concentrate on their core mission of providing high-quality, non-toxic cookware to their customers.

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