How to Create Your Annual Operating Budget

How to create a yearly operating budget for your startup

Calling all founding teams…

As the current year comes to an end, it’s time to start creating your annual operating budget, especially if you’re a growing startup.

Building an operating model and budget is as much an art as it is a science. It is an exercise in predicting the future based on limited information today. However, in the world of startups, were there are already plenty of unknowns, there are more unknowns than ever before, making your annual operating budgeting process all the more important.

Historically, the most successful founding teams will take their time at the end of each year to project out growth, expenses, head count, and other KPIs in order to prep game plan for the following year.

Need helping thinking through or creating next year’s budget? Join Graphite and SVB for a workshop led by Paul Bianco, CEO of Graphite and past VC, as he leads us through how to think about and create our annual operating budgets.

Topics Covered:

How are increased salary demands and recruiting costs going to impact my runway?

Should I raise money now when the market is hot?

Do I need to increase my prices due to inflationary pressures? Will that lead to higher churn?

How can I build my model in a way that is both useful is a tool for the business but also defensible and explainable to my current and future investors.


Paul Bianco

Paul Bianco



Paul Bianco is the Founder & CEO of Graphite, a leading provider of finance & accounting services for early-stage companies. 

Prior to founding Graphite in 2016, Paul was an Investor at ffVC, an early-stage VC fund based in NYC. While at ffVC, Paul helped dozens of his portfolio companies build easy to understand and intuitive financial models with a focus on efficient use of funds pre-product/market fit and deeply understanding unit economics post-product/market fit. As an investor, Paul worked closely with companies such as Plated, Owlet, Socure and Distil Networks. 

Paul is Certified Public Accountant and has a background in venture capital, scaling startups, mergers & acquisitions and financial modeling.

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