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Generate a report to see how you’re performing based on things like burn, runway, revenue, unit economics and other leading industry KPIs. FREE for the first 20 startups per month + our VC partner startups.

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Each month, we select 20 startups and provide them a cost-free Startup Performance Report so you can see what you are doing well and what you need to improve upon based on leading industry KPIs.

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What is a Startup Performance Report?

Our startup performance report is a robust and free financial report that shows you how your startup is doing based on a number of KPIs like:

  • Unit Economics: Am I turning $1 into $3 or $1 into 50 cents?
  • Burn: Am I burning more cash than other companies at my stage?
  • Runway: What is my runway
  • Projections: If I keep doing what I’m doing today, how do things look down the road?

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