How to Plan a Business Exit Strategy for Your Technology Startup

Business exit planning for growing startups

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Founders: Learn how to take control of your exit by creating a business exit strategy and plan that you can diligently execute.

Ever heard this advice: “Just run the business well, and the exit will take care of itself”? Nothing could be further from the truth. Many businesses sold based on this type of relaxed thinking probably caused their technology entrepreneurs to leave billions of dollars on the table.

Join Graphite & David Rowat of Strategic Exits to learn how to develop an business exit strategy, prepare your company to exit at the best price, and when in the cycle of your business and industry is the best time to seek an exit.


David W. Rowat

David W. Rowat


David W. Rowat has served variously as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer to over 70 companies in the high technology industry in the past 35 years. He has a broad functional background with a specialty in operations, financial controls, finance, strategic planning and Board governance.

Currently, he is engaged part-time at Strategic Exits Corp, a boutique M&A advisor acting solely to advise founders and CEOs on structuring the optimum exit transaction for their technology companies.

David Rowat has developed a thought leadership position demonstrating why virtual companies sell for more and their founders retain more of the proceeds. We has co-authored a case study for the Harvard Business School in late 2020.

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